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          Global Digital MOJO 艺术指导 品牌推广

          Global Digital MOJO

          Asia Digital MOJO is a global & borderless digital agency with base offices in three cities of Hong Kong, Barcelona and Mexico City, that also added two cities Tokyo and Pune in 2017. We pursued the rebranding just when Tokyo and Pune were added to their network. At the same time, the company name was also changed to Global Digital MOJO (GDM).

          First, to reinforce the sense of trust as a company, we began by reconsidering the impression “Playfulness” of the existing logo which was somewhat unbalancing as a global agency. By doing so, while keeping the essence of the existing logo, we were able to combine the rebalanced solid logo shape and the simple logotype to express the newly reborn GDM as a borderless agency based on trust with comprehensive business and design approach. The red in the existing logo expressed "the color of passion to pursue clear solutions to the problems the client has". This was also followed in the new GDM logo, but the color value adjusted to generate more impact.

          The triangle at the top right corner of the GDM logo is a newly placed eye catch. It is meant to be a “bookmark (shiori)” or “dog ear” for the clients/end-users of GDM. The Japanese word shiori (栞) has its origin in “shioru (枝折る) - to break branches as markers so a hiker would not stray at a mountain path”, which nowadays means “a marker (dog ear) to note how far one has read a book” or “a guidebook for beginner”. Based on this meaning, the eye catch expresses that “GDM provides client/end-user with a variety of thinking methods, such as design thinking, that a client would never had utilized, and solutions based on it, and markers and guidance for reaching a clear goal by GDM”. Not just as part of the logo, this eye catch can be used in various applications as an accent.

          City Logo

          In addition to the basic GDM logo (global logo), we have newly established a country-specific city logo that combines city names of offices in each country. Each logo is set with its own color, complementing the originality of each country office.

          The new logo of GDM was used and published for the first time at Global Partnership Summit 2017 held in New Delhi, India. GDM is also acontent partner of this summit and produced leaflets for the sessions sponsored with information such guest speaker introduction and time tables, and also standing banners, movies, business cards, etc. Business cards using the city logo also received favorable reviews from guests from various countries.




          深圳市顶点企业形象策划有限公司 是一家企业VI设计形象策划的综合服务提供商,我们坚持以创新的思路做品牌,做最有力的“创新型设计”!

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