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    Taqiza is a mexican restaurant located in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. His owner, and executive chef, Pablo Galindo commissioned me to bring to life the concept of what a Taquiza (with a 'u') is in México, a gather-together / laid-back party of made your-own tacos, but most important, a celebration around food. As a second layer of communication, I was asked to inject the exotic and premium paradise of Tulúm, México, in order to mirror the vibes and aesthetic of both locations. This immediately make the project more interested to me, has been the first time that a client wanted to talk about Mexico outside the category of vibrant and colorful graphic language. Finding, that Mexico can be portrayed in many premium and beautiful ways.




    深圳市顶点企业形象策划有限公司 是一家企业VI设计形象策划的综合服务提供商,我们坚持以创新的思路做品牌,做最有力的“创新型设计”!

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