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    delivers digital platforms at sea and ship to shore communication services. A company with origins in Troms?, Norway. Dualog wants to improve everyday life at sea, with reliable and stable signal for internet and phone on board all ships. The identity concept explores and visualizes the dialogue and duality in communications ship to shore. The identity is anchored with visual references to the Arctic Circle – the place where the company was born. This resulted in a custom logo type and logo symbol where dialogue and duality is visualized as a horizon. The goal with the design was to create an innovative, friendly, reliable and technological expression for Dualog, and an overall differentiated identity in its field of practice.




    深圳市顶点企业形象策划有限公司 是一家企业VI设计形象策划的综合服务提供商,我们坚持以创新的思路做品牌,做最有力的“创新型设计”!

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