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          Festival Periferia 艺术指导, 品牌推广,

          +P.MuelelaAgial/ Jens Johnsson。

          Periferia is a new music and art experience festival that takes place on one small island in Tigre Delta (outside City of Buenos Aires). We developed the brand concept, visual identity and visual content for this indie event that showcases the hottest Argentinean artists from today.
          “Periferia” (english: outskirts) is a variable concept that depends on each person. We decided to tackle this concept not only from the geographic point of view but also from the experiential perspective. Accordingly, the outskirts can be another town, country, continent or for an astronaut, space; and at the same time it can be new personal experiences that demand to expand the mental and emotional limits. 
          For this reason, we decided to play with the morphologic of the island, transforming it constantly to represent the different individuals' experiences of each one during the festival.
          This infinite expression lives together with a full typographic set, a dynamic and liquid grid coming from the waves alterations of the river and a wide color palette inspired directly from the different sky shades (along a summer day) and the island landscapes.
          + Ph ? Manuela Aguilar / Jens Johnsson.




          深圳市顶点企业形象策划有限公司 是一家企业VI设计形象策划的综合服务提供商,我们坚持以创新的思路做品牌,做最有力的“创新型设计”!

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